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Rich in antioxidants, Matcha is the ultimate unsung superfood. For comparison, Supertea Matcha has over 14 times the antioxidant content of wild blueberries. As the body’s clean-up crew, antioxidants provide protection from harmful free radicals, which are the molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage and even some inflammatory diseases. Antioxidants are also known to increase metabolism, control blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

Matcha’s lush color is due to its abundant chlorophyll, which is known to be a natural detoxifier. Chlorophyll increases the blood’s capacity to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to cells within the body. It therefore regenerates and cleanses the body at the molecular and cellular levels.

The unique combination of caffeine and L-theanine has the effect of making you feel alert and calm at the same time without causing jitters and sustaining mental focus without crash. Studies have shown its effects on improving mental clarity and cognitive performance.

The practice of preparing and drinking powdered green tea was first popularized over 900 years ago by Chinese Zen Buddhist monks, who drank Matcha tea to achieve deep calm during meditation. In the 11th century, this ritual of preparing and drinking Matcha was shared with the Japanese, who have been enjoying the frothy tea drink ever since. Even when powdered tea fell out of popularity in other parts of Eastern Asia, it has consistently maintained its prominence in Japanese culture, which is why today, it is most commonly associated with Japanese Tea Ceremonies. In fact, the word Matcha comes from Japanese: “ma” translates to rubbed or ground, while “cha” means tea.

Today, Matcha is still used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but also in a variety of other manners. Ceremonial Matcha is also used in cakes, pies and ice cream, as an ingredient in baked goods, and it’s especially popular in lattes and smoothies. Getting a regular intake of the antioxidants from Matcha green tea may also help with a healthy body, through lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

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Matcha’s unique production and processing are the key to its high-potency health benefits. These are time-tested traditions still practiced by producers of high quality, truly authentic Matcha like ours.

Matcha is made of the fine young leaves of green tea plants, Camellia sinensis. Prior to the harvest of Matcha, the tea plants are shaded to increase the nutrient and antioxidant content of the leaves and to give Matcha the vibrant green colour and full-bodied and slightly sweet taste that’s unlike any other green tea.

Only the youngest, first harvest leaves are chosen for Ceremonial Grade Matcha, ensuring the prized richness of flavour and high nutrient content for maximum health benefits.

After harvesting, the pure leaves are steamed, air dried, destemmed and deveined, and then stone-ground into a fine powder.


USDA-Certified 100% Organic

Made of 100% pure stone-ground green tea leaves and ideal for drinking or cooking, the delicate blend of rich flavours and earthy tones in this Matcha makes it worthy of traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies, but is also an excellent way to start your morning or provide a pick-me-up at any time of day.

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