Black Matcha Whisk Holder


This stylish whisk holder is an essential accessory to extend the life of your bamboo Matcha whisk (Chasen) and is the ideal place to store it between uses.

  • Unique design to maintain the tulip shape of your bamboo whisk
  • Protects the bamboo prongs from damage
  • Hollow in the centre to keep the inner and outer prongs separated
  • Allows whisk to air dry without touching any wet surface (avoid mould)

We highly recommend using a whisk holder to keep your whisk in good condition for many bowls of Matcha to come. A light glaze and an attractive shape make this functional piece beautiful as well.

The Matcha whisk is not included. If you're interested in also purchasing the whisk, click here.

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Glazed porcelain creates the perfect smooth surface for sliding your whisk on and off.


The Matcha whisk holder stands 7.5cm tall, with a diameter of 6.5cm.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash.


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