Small Matcha Sifter


Good Matcha will be a little clumpy, so for best results, we recommend sifting the powder through a fine mesh sifter.

Sifting matcha smoothes out any clumps and allows the powder to blend better into your drink or cooking recipe. Sifted matcha will also whisk into a softer and frothier consistency, for the best Matcha tea experience.

When sifting your Matcha, try not to force the powder through the mesh, but rather shake it through, maybe giving the final little clumps a push with a metal spoon. The easiest method is to simply sift your Matcha directly into a bowl or cup.

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Supertea’s small Matcha sifter is a high-quality stainless steel fine mesh sieve, with a round bowl and polished rim.

Sifter Dimensions:

The Matcha sifter is 18cm in length, 8cm in width and 3cm in depth.

Care Instructions:

Dishwasher safe, or hand wash in warm water.


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