Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk


Supertea’s authentic bamboo matcha whisk, also known as a Chasen, forms an essential part of the traditional preparation of Matcha tea. The 100 prong whisk is hand-crafted from a single piece of bamboo. The high number of prongs allows you to blend and aerate your Matcha, producing the perfect smooth and frothy consistency.

Your bamboo Matcha whisk is a handy tool and a beautiful, delicate craft work, which requires some special care. How you store your whisk is the best way to extend its lifespan. We recommend storing your whisk on a Matcha whisk holder to maintain its shape and protect it from damaging. Supertea whisk holders are available in black and green.

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Materials:  Bamboo wood.

Whisk Dimensions:

The bamboo Matcha whisk is 10.5cm in length and the whisk head is 5.5cm in diameter.

Matcha Tea Preparation:

Traditionally, Matcha tea is prepared and sipped from a Chawan bowl, but any deep medium-sized bowl will be suitable.

  1. Boil water and let it cool down for a few minutes. Matcha should not be made with boiling water (within 70°C – 80°C range is suitable)
  2. Pour a bit of warm water into your bowl to heat it
  3. You may also take this opportunity to wet your bamboo whisk by whisking the clear water for a few seconds, then empty the bowl and dry it well
  4. Sift half a teaspoon or one bamboo scoop of Matcha to a bowl or cup using a small sifter
  5. Pour over about 60ml of hot water (not boiling)
  6. Start whisking slowly and then pick up speed, whisking back and forth (not in a circular pattern) until bubbles start to form. While still whisking quickly, slowly draw the whisk up towards the surface and when you reach the surface, slow your whisking a little. This final step will help to break up the larger bubbles on the surface and produce a nice, tight crema.
  7. Add more water to taste and enjoy!

Matcha tea is also delicious with a splash of milk or served as a latte.

Care Instructions:                                        

  1. Run the bamboo prongs under luke warm water for a few seconds
  2. Gently run your fingers between the prongs to clean off any remaining Matcha particles, if necessary
  3. Gently pat the prongs down with a kitchen towel
  4. Place the whisk face up to let the prongs dry in the open air
  5. Store on a whisk holder to maintain the tulip shape

Please Note:

The bamboo matcha whisk is not dishwasher safe as this will dry and create cracks in the bamboo. It is important to wash all your bamboo tools quickly after using them, as this will prevent them from staining.


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